Query Loop

Everything needed to create a block of query loops above. Info will pull once added to a site!

REMINDER – click “Query Loop” and scroll down to “Filters” > “Taxonomies” and add the category!

Review this Loom video from Lauren and this page.

Facet WP Page

All the following information needs to be added to the “Recipe Index” Page. If using a dropdown like in the “By Flavor” section, add this particular code to Additional CSS to keep the dropdown from looking wonky on mobile!

select.facetwp-dropdown {
width: 250px;
font-size: 16px;

Recipe Index

By Dessert

[facetwp facet=”reset”]

[facetwp facet=”desserts”]

By Holiday

[facetwp facet=”holiday”]

By No-Bake

[facetwp facet=”no_bake”]

By Diet

[facetwp facet=”diet”]

By Flavor

[facetwp facet=”flavors”]

Recipe Index

[facetwp facet=”pager_”]

[facetwp facet=”pager_”]

[facetwp template=”blog_posts”]

[facetwp facet=”pager_”]