Design Launch: The Baking ChocolaTess

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the baking chocolatess

Kim Lange is a food + recipe blogger, who delights her readers with deliciously decadent desserts they can make the easy way!

In fact, her “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe has been shared over 1.7 MILLION times…so I’d say she’s definitely earned her royal title of “Chocolate-Tess.”

Take a look at Kim’s Results within 60 days of her new design:

Project Highlights

! Project Goals @

Kim had long since outgrown the DIY website she originally created more than 10 years ago.  With over 900 recipes on her site, she knew she wanted to trade the basic cookie-cutter theme (running on the outdated Genesis Framework) for a website design that was organized, optimized, and beautiful to look at.

Goal 1

Accurately reflect the brand + business she had worked so hard to build

Goal 2

Restructure her content into an intuitive navigation system for desktop + mobile

Goal 3

Highlight her gorgeous food photography and attract more readers

Kim’s Real-Time Reactions

Real Results

Kim saw amazing ad revenue results within 60 days of her completely redesigned website launch in January 2024. Here are a few of the staggering positive outcomes comparing February 2023 (old website) to February 2024 (new website).

85% Increase in ad revenue

In 10 years of blogging, Kim has never brought in as much ad income (during the month of February) as she did a mere 60 days after the launch of her new site. She saw an 85% increase in ad revenue which was her highest ad revenue EVER for the month of February.

61% Increase in RPMs

RPM (Revenue per Mille) is a metric indicating how much money you earn per 1,000 sessions. The goal of any website owner earning ad income is to increase this number as much as possible. Kim saw a 61% increase in her RPMs after the launch of the new site (Feb 2023 vs Feb 2024).

49% Increase in Pageviews

Individual sessions are represented by specific IP addresses + these sessions indicate unique readers. Pageviews, on the other hand, refer to all of the pages a reader views during a session. Kim saw a 49% increase in pageviews within 60 days of launching her new site (Feb 2023 vs Feb 2024).

24% Increase in Pages per Session

Pages per session is a data point that shows whether readers are “looking around” on your site. The more pages a person visits during a session, the more ad revenue you earn. After the new website launch, Kim saw a 24% increase in pages per session (Feb 2023 vs Feb 2024).

The Final Website Design Reveal

% What Kim Says %

I could not be happier with my new sleek site design by Jennifer!  It’s so well organized, functional and much improved for my readers to find recipes and categories quickly! Any questions I had were answered within hours or minutes. She’s such a pleasure to work with and has lots of great ideas and solutions. I would recommend her to anyone who has a vision to take their blog to the next level with confidence and pride.