common questions

Honestly, there is no “one size fits all” answer, but my goal is to complete your website within 4 weeks. However, depending on the scope of your website customization and the number of individual assets that need to be created, the process can take longer. I will give you an estimated timeline when I send your quote.

I only use the WordPress platform. Your site will need to be a site (meaning it is self-hosted) so that you have the freedom to make any changes you want! But don’t worry if you’re confused, I’ll explain everything in our discovery meeting!

The investment for a custom website and brand styling with all of the customizations mentioned above starts at $1,500. Depending on your specific needs and goals, I will provide you with a personalized package price after our discovery call.

To guarantee your spot on my calendar, a deposit of 25% is required. This deposit is non-refundable because it keeps other potential clients from being able to work with me.

After we have our discovery meeting and determine that we’re a good fit, I will send you a package price. You will pay 25% of the total up front and then you will pay the remaining balance 1 week before your site is live. (If you need alternative payment options, I will be happy to work with you on that!)

If you decide to add on any additional services after we begin the process, you will be billed separately for them.

Whenever you start a website there will be a few additional costs for you to consider. For me to create your custom website, you must have:
~ Domain – this is your url (e.g. and the cost is usually $10-$15 per year (I use
~ Hosting – this is where your website is housed & the cost varies based on your needs, but runs around $5-$30 per month (I use SiteGround)

Yes! I have a standard contract that covers both of us in the event an issue arises.

If you already have branding that you love (and know you want to keep), we can discuss your specific website needs during your discovery call.

The custom website and brand styling DOES NOT include: custom clipart, paid fonts, paid plugins, website maintenance, shop setup or security. If you are interested in these, just let me know and these can be purchased separately.

Absolutely! I will give you a walkthrough of your new site as well as a spreadsheet with all of the important information included.

Sure! If you decide to add more services, just let me know what you want and I will bill you separately for those.